Uladzimir Bahatyrevich, also known as Vlad, is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, designer, and animator specializing in motion graphics and 3D animation with over seven years of professional experience in advertising, marketing, sports, entertainment and post-production industries. Vlad is a content creator for media of all formats and platforms including web, social, mobile, events, stadiums, art galleries, trade shows, titles sequences, and broadcast TV including Super Bowl spots.
The biggest drive and motivation for Vlad has always been to inspire people. He enjoys using art as a form of communication and finds a motion design medium to be one of the most effective and compelling visual languages in our society today. Cohesive treatment of typography, imagery and motion supported by a visual aesthetic and sound design have always been essential in his storytelling process. Vlad is comfortable working in various design styles and aesthetics and has a strong cohesive understanding of motion principles with a vision to translate still design into the language of animation and visual storytelling. 
Such a broad range of expertise and multidisciplinary flow of conceptual work empowers Vlad and brings passion to his work every single day. Constant exploration and experimentation of different formats, techniques and approaches inspire Vlad to expand his capabilities and help him grow as an artist and an individual.

Direction  /   2D Animation  /  3D Animation  /  Design  /  UX  / UI  /  Motion Graphics  /  Product Rendering  /  Modeling  /  Lighting  /  Texturing  /  Visual Effects & Compositing  /  Color Correction & Grading  /  Video Editing  /  2D Tracking  /  3D Tracking  /  Virtual Reality  /  Augmented Reality  /  Concept Art / Consulting

International Design Award ‘13 / Second Prize
Advertising Addy Award ‘16 / Elements of Advertising (BLUE)
SCAD CoMotion Award ‘16 / Winner in 3D Design
Advertising Addy Award ‘17 / Silver Award Winner (BLUE)
Adobe Design Achievement Awards ’17 / Finalist 
SCAD CoMotion Award ‘18 / Winner in 3D Design
ADC Awards Young Ones ‘18 : Cube Award in Craft in Motion
ADC Awards Young Ones ‘18 : Merit Award in Motion / Film Title Sequence
ADC Awards Young Ones ‘18 : Merit Award in Online Video Commercials
PromaxBDA Creating What’s Next ‘18 / Gold Winner
Rookies '18 : 3D Motion Graphics - Winner / Rookie of the Year
SCAD CoMotion Award ‘19 / Best TV Show Title Sequence
SCAD CoMotion Award ‘19 / Best Demo Reel
Red Dot Awards '19 / Winner in Communication Design

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